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Baby Safety Foam

baby safety foam

  • A condom

  • Denoting something designed to prevent injury or damage

  • a safe place; "He ran to safety"

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Little Midwife Pre-natal Play Set

Little Midwife Pre-natal Play Set

A clever twist on the old toy doctor kit, this little set provides your child with everything she (or he) needs to explore the job of a midwife.
Children love to imitate what they see in real life. A child who accompanies her mother to prenatal appointments will witness the midwife
doing the same things over and over....
estimating the gestational age of the baby using a pregnancy wheel,
measuring the mother's belly,
palpating the mother's belly to determine the baby's position,
listening to the mother's belly for fetal heart tones,
and taking the mother's blood pressure.
This little kit provides all the tools she needs: It's the perfect gift for an expectant sibling or for a midwife's office or house-call kit.

Made from 100% cotton fabrics with cotton blend batting, polyester fiberfill, and dense foam, these toy instruments are soft and safe
(so mommy won't get jabbed in the belly by an over-zealous three-year old with a toy fetoscope).
All seams are double stitched for safety and durability, however extremely rough play could produce small pieces.
This toy is intended for children who do not put their toys in their mouths, approximately age 3 and older.

Kit includes a soft sculpted allen-style fetoscope with stretchy earpieces that gently hug your child's head to mimic the way a real fetoscope is worn,
velcro adjustable blood pressure cuff with a soft stuffed bulb, tape measure with embroidered numbers, and
pregnancy wheel with free-hand embroidered fetuses to illustrate how the baby grows from month to month...
all inside a soft draw-string linen bag. Each item was sewn and sculpted by hand with lots of sweet little details.

Peg Perego SIP Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat in Free Style Rose

Peg Perego SIP Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat in Free Style Rose

The black in the center of the seat is a special SIP (Side Impact Protection) head pillow with comfy infant support body pillow. The SIP head pillow is made with EPS foam, which is what Olympic cyclists use to protect against brain injury.

Airline-approved, highest possible safety ratings, and made to accomodate babies longer than average infant seats due to higher weight and length cutoffs.

baby safety foam

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