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Unique Baby Outfits

unique baby outfits

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unique baby outfits - Blue Chip

Blue Chip Unlimited - Unique 10mm Solid Tungsten Great Satin Center Ring Wedding Band Designer Fashion Engagement Ring Size 10

Blue Chip Unlimited - Unique 10mm Solid Tungsten Great Satin Center Ring Wedding Band Designer Fashion Engagement Ring Size 10

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Outfit of her Day

Outfit of her Day

This outfit was inspired from watching Lady Gaga perform at central park while I was at the gym this morning. I am in love with the judas music video and saw some girls with judas inspired hair and outfits at the show so I figured my hair could get away with this look why not try it out. Getting an outfit to go with the hair was a bit harder. I pulled out my american apparel body suit for it though. It's going to be a hot one here today in brooklyn.

Outfit Details :
Jacket : Charlotte Russe
Bandana : no clue
Bodysuit : american apparel
belt : xoxo
skirt: forever 21
boots: gifted

WANTED & WTB Vintage Skipper Outfits!

WANTED & WTB Vintage Skipper Outfits!

Some more Vintage Skipper outfits from the MOD, Best Buy and other miscellaneous series that I really, *really* REALLY need and want! No NRFB or MIB please, I'm not looking to pay a fortune and my Blythes will be wearing them anyways, so.
A bit of mending/TLC, a bit of wear and tear is OKAY! I don't need a complete set either, if you have parts of the set you can always suggest them to me!

FM me if you have any and are willing to part with them!

unique baby outfits

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