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Activity Mat For Babies

activity mat for babies

    for babies
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activity mat for babies - Black, White

Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat & Gym

Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat & Gym

Black, White & Red 3D Activity Playmat & Gym, by Genius Babies Toys. Sometimes you just have to put down your little bundle of joy and give your arms a rest! But where can you set someone who may not be able to sit upright? The 3-D Activity Gym may be the perfect answer. This portable, washable gym is easy to assemble. Simply spread the 3-foot-square quilt on the floor and enjoy a vivid animal circus in red, white, and black. Slide two pliable arches into the corner sockets of the quilt, so that they cross diagonally. Clip the Panda, rattles, and mirrors into the hole-punched arches. The dangles can be repositioned for endless variety. Babies can lie on their backs and stare up at the bright, high-contrast dangling toys. To put away the gym, simply remove the arches, fold up the quilt, and tuck all the parts into a handy waterproof carrying case. (similar to gymini playmat) Ages Birth and up.

80% (15)

Black and White activity mat

Black and White activity mat

An appealing quilted activity mat for babies ages birth and up.

Experts have found that babies enjoy looking at high contrast colors and patterns. Black and white patterns present the highest possible contrast therefore they are the most visible and attractive to your baby.

I have made one of these mats for my 10 week old daughter. She loves looking at all of the different patterns and touching the mat with her feet.

I have added alternating black and white felt tags to the edges of the mat for an added sensory experience.

This activity mat has 12 different patterns to stimulate your baby! The batted lining makes this mat extremely soft!

From a smoke-free home!

Your baby WILL enjoy looking at and playing with this mat!

This mat is approx. 13 1/2"x 13 1/2"

EASY TO CLEAN!! Just throw it into your washing machine!

Please contact me if you would like to order an activity mat in custom colors. I would be happy to make it.

Baby Einstein Play Gym $40

Baby Einstein Play Gym $40

The Discover & Play Activity Gym is a soft play gym with fun Baby Einstein characters on the mat that correspond with hanging plush characters. There are 10 accessory toys included to help stimulate the baby. The toys include a star shaped plush with lights. Press the center of the star and listen to classical music from Beethoven and Bach as you watch the lights dance to the music. The star can be removed and used on toy bars and cribs. Other toys include plush characters that crinkle, rattle and squeak, a soft book with animal pictures and a mirror for baby to see themselves. A prop up pillow is also included. Our Discover & Play Activity Gym will surely give your baby many hours of fun! For newborn and up.

Soft play gym featuring Baby Einstein characters
Features classical music by Bach & Beethoven
10 accessory toys included for baby's enjoyment

activity mat for babies

activity mat for babies

Bright Starts Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center

Bright Starts Bounce A BoutAward Winner!!! Bounce, Spin & Rock in this fun filled entertainer. Unique bounce pad provides a soft surface for babies feet to play. Eight entertaining toys are within baby's reach including a Ladybug Mirror that plays silly sounds when baby presses its nose. Overhead toy bar encourages baby to reach and grab. Seat spins so baby has access to all the fun. Ladybug Mirror plays silly soundsFrog spinner TopSpinning Bee Rattle BallRatcheting Bug with crinkle fabric wingsLilly pad toy stalk with fabric edgesOverhead toy arch includes teether and hanging Bumblebee Easy to clean toy trayFour toy loops for attaching more of baby's favorite toysThree adjustable height settings in seat \Lays flat for storageMachine washable seat padProduct Measures 28x28x33Recommended Ages: 4 months & Up

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Babies kids. Baby mouse books. Baby trend double snap n go stroller frame

Babies Kids

babies kids

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aldi shopping > baby

aldi shopping > baby

So much shopping to do, so many mouths to feed and all those nappies to change (she had 4 children with her in total). Clearly it's easier to carry the baby and use his pram to push all your bargain shopping home. sorted!

Baby Passport Photo

Baby Passport Photo

Nikola gets his passport photo. I think it is the best one that I have ever seen. Baby passports for all!

babies kids

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Baby Doesnt Sleep Through The Night

baby doesnt sleep through the night

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Tux the mysterious nightime stray.

Tux the mysterious nightime stray.

This is "tux" as we have named him.
He is a local stray, that doesnt trust people.
Hes been hanging around for months now.
at first we thought it was just for our in heat cats, untill a lady told us shes seen him living in the park since he was a baby stray.

We, along with another local have tried to coax him to come with us, so we can help him, maybe take him to the animal welfare shelter, so he wont be on the street.

But he doesnt want to.

So instead, i have bought him his own food bowls
water bowl
blanket, and a nice warm place to sleep near our backdoor.
we feed him twice a day, on the same foods my cat eats, fancy feast of course.
he also has fresh water and dry bits.
he has fattened up so much, it makes me happy.
Ive managed to get one big cuddle from him, late one night, and his trust is growing.
He knows we are nice, and will feed and look after him.
which keeps him coming back each night.

Maybe oneday, he will let us take him in, and we can fix him up and adopt him so he can sleep in a comfy bed.
he comes by every night and talks to sui through the window, and eats his dinner.
love the little tux man.

10 week old baby

10 week old baby

From Babies Online Member Gemma Louise Palmer of Portsmouth:
this picture is of my little boy keanu at 2 days old he slept alot in his
first week he is now in this 10th week and is doing great he is very awear
af everything going on around him and loves to stare at objects for long
amounts of time he has a great smile especially with people he knows well he
sleeps all through the night which is great for me. an to see him the way he
is now is so rewarding for me as i was scared i woluld not do a great job
with him as he is my first child.h e can hold his head up for a long period
of time while laying on his front and is able to roll.he is a very placid
baby and doesnt make much fuss in the day so i am able to get on with house
chores without having to keep stopping i love to watch him sleep as he must
dream alot because he always smiles an looks like he is laughing too its so
sweet.thats all for now..

baby doesnt sleep through the night

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Baby themes for baby shower : Lucky names for babies.

Baby Themes For Baby Shower

baby themes for baby shower

    baby shower
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Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

This is a two-tier sponge cake for a friends baby shower, all of it was made by hand (including the little feet on the side of the top tier). The theme of the baby shower was Mama's & Papa's Gingerbread man, so I went with the green and blue shades that the girls were using to decorate the party, but I also added a little gingerbread man next to the sleeping baby.

MadHatteR BaBy ShoWeR cake

MadHatteR BaBy ShoWeR cake

This is the CUTEST idea for a baby shower theme EVER!!! This was an incredibly fun cake to make once I got passed all the "hiccups." LOL!

baby themes for baby shower

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